Xanadu Gallery - San Francisco

Informational Website Re-Design

Xanadu Gallery - San Francisco

The focus of the Xanadu Gallery re-design project was to take on-location photography and conduct comprehensive research about the architecture of a historically significant building and any other relevant information that would help to create a thorough information-based website. I chose the Xanadu Gallery / V.C. Morris Gift Shop building for its historic significance as being one of Frank Lloyd Wright's prototype buildings for the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, New York.

The construction of the website is loosely based around the existing architecture found within the Xanadu Gallery, which has in recent years has taken up the presence of a fine asian antiques gallery.


The scope of the project consisted of developing a website that would function as a source of information about the existing state of the building and the historical significance behind the architecture. For this site, I chose to represent it by utilizing clean photography that I felt conveyed the architectural style to the audience. The layout of the website is a single-page website that allows the user to flow down through the content beginning with background information about the construction of the building and a short biography of the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, and subsequently ending with information about the current art gallery that currently resides there.

A custom logomark for rebranding efforts was also constructed using vector illustration work in Adobe Illustrator.

Information is also provided to advertise the current business residing within the building, including instructions on locating the gallery and social media links for connecting with them online.

This project was intended to be a mockup site only and wasn't fully coded out for functionality.

Tools & Techniques Used:

Digital Photography

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

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